Pilot TrainingSince its formation Blue Bird Flight Academy has been a well recognized Pilot training unit in advanced Pilot training. Our highly qualified flight instructors and staff are committed to providing the highest level of Pilot training.

In accordance with Transport Canada,DGCA, CAAC, JAA requirements Blue Bird being one of the well known flying school in Canada is a nationally accredited & highly recognized flight school located in Chilliwack airport of British Colombia, Canada. Our fully approved programs help students attain Private, Commercial Pilot License, Multi Engine Rating, Instrument Rating, Recreational License within the desired time.

Chilliwack is well known in Canada for its excellent weather conditions, which allows you to fly almost every day of the year & finish your program faster and get employed with an airline quickly if that’s your goal.


Recent News

First Solo

08 Sep 2015

Congratulations to kunal , midhun , niyas , palak on attaining their First Solo.

Congratulations to Fahad , Sheldon , Wu mintao , Mayur on attaining their Fist Solo.

Congratulations to Liu jia bao , Vamshi, yifan li on attaining their First Solo.

Private Pilot Licence & Instrument License

08 Sep 2015

Congratulations to Mayur , sheldon, Ankit , Arun On clearing their Private Written exam and Private Fligth test.

Congratulations to Bishir Valapra,Vamshi Reddy,Yifan Stephan,Gabour liu On clearing their Private Written exam.

Congratulations to Vamshi Reddy,Yifan Stephan and Gabour Liu on Clearing their PPL Flight Test.

Congratulations to Akshay Raja Gopal, Kunal Jhamaria,Nikhil Girhe,Murtaza,Raghavendra Babu on Clearing his Private Written Exam.

Congratulations to D.Meng, Prasanth on Clearing his Private Written Exam & PPL Flight Test.

Congrats to Ajit Singh on clearing his PPL Flight Test and Mohit on his Instrument Flight test.

Commercial Pilot Licence & Instructor Rating

12 Sep 2015

Congratulation to Yudhvir for clearing his commercial flight test.

Special congratulation to Ajit for clearing his instructor rating and joining with us.Welcome to BBFA Team.

Congratulations to Mayur for clearing his commercial written exam.

Congratulations to yifaan li , Liu Jia Bao , Vamshi , Bishir for clearing their commercial written and commercial flight test.

Congratulations to Kunal and Murtaza on Clearing their Commercial Flight Test.

Congratulations to Kunal ( 83% ) For Clearing his Commercial Written Exam .

Congratulations to ,Murtaza,Manoj,Angad Completing 300 Nm cross Country.

Congratulations to Arijit Sarkar , Saurabh For Clearing his Commercial Flight Test.

Congratulations to MANOJ,ANGAD,ARVIND And MAHESH on clearing their Commercial Flight Test.

Congrats also to Capt.Hoowan on attaining his Class 1 Instructor Rating Flight Test.



Aircraft Fleet

Casena 152
Casena 152

Why Blue Bird Flight Academy

  • Excellent weather conditions for Flying year round.
  • Free English classes provided for all Students.
  • Bilingual Chinese/English/korean/Indian available for students from all over the world.
  • Cost effective course packages.
  • One on one training with experienced flight instructors.
  • A fleet of reliable training aircraft.
  • An efficient scheduling system for aircraft and instructor.
  • Flexible hours to fit your training schedule.
  • Experience in teaching primary students.
  • Supplies to loan, rent, or sell such as headsets, global positioning system GPS navigation receivers, and aeronautical charts.
  • Financing arrangements to help you manage the cost of learning to fly.
  • Latest Aircraft Fleet
  • Flight training syllabus for international students as per
    • DGCA requirements
    • CAAC requirement
    • JAA requirements
  • Airport Suitable For:
    • Instrument Approaches ILS, VOR, NDB & GPS.
  • Fully Furnished:
    • Boarding & Loading available for international students
  • A high percentage of Blue Bird graduates are working as commercial pilots all over the world.


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Dear all,
Its a dream to fly those huge metal bodies with thousands of horse power under your hand. To get wings to my dreams I look upto Blue Bird Flight Academy, with a beautiful airport site and excellent flight training instructors in the school. Things get a lot easier and practical. You are taught every single detail required for a safe flight. Instructors help you out with the knowledge and years of experience they hold in aviation. Its all professional and you can learn to fly in just few weeks.


Mahesh Student BBFA

I went for my Pilot Training to BBFA in 2013.
I completed my training within the promised time by the school. BBFA has one of the Best Aircraft Fleets in the world with latest Avionics .
Best wishes.


Sumit Yadav

I am currently working as a commander in Shenzhen Airline, flying A-320. I joined Blue bird in March 2010 and was able to complete my CPL course with Multi/IFR by Oct 2010. Blue bird provides quality flight training. I wish Blue bird best of luck for their future.
-Shenzhen Airline.


Capt Duyang Alumni BBFA

44 Day PPL course. I attained my private license at BBFA IN JUST 44 days .
I am really happy! Thanks for everything!


David Guthre Alumni BBFA

Anybody who wants to achieve their dream of being a pilot should come to BBFA, Blue Bird does not only teach you how to fly, but they teach you how to believe in yourself and fly with confidence. It provides you with a friendly atmosphere… 
Well if you want to be the best, you have to beat the rest, and I think BBFA is pretty good at it.

Prashant Dhingra Alumni BBFA